Free Thanksgiving Printables

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! 
 We've created something special for you, to brighten up your coming holidays :)
The Woodland Owl collection is a set of printable cards and tags that are absolutely FREE!
Simply print, cut and  fold the 5" X 5" cards in half length-wise, with the picture on the outside.  These cards can be used for:
-Placeholder cards at your delicious Thanksgiving meal.
-Thank you cards to write notes of gratitude to the loved ones in your life.
-Labeling your entries and desserts at your fabulous holiday spread.
-Anything else you can think of--just let your creativity take flight!

The tags measure a little over 2" each and can be used for:
-Gift tags
-Napkin rings
-Decorating your desserts (like a cupcake topper).
-Decorating anything else you can think of!

You'll want to be sure to follow our links to get the correctly sized images.  To download the cards, click HERE.  To download the tags, click HERE.

The Woodland Owl printable collection is our way of saying thank you for your continuing support of our blog.  We appreciate our long time readers and new readers alike! You are all wonderful!  And if you haven't already, be sure to become a follower and join us on Facebook because we have many more exciting Holiday treats in store for you!

Well, we hope you like them--have a warm and wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!


  1. hi! :) My name is Sara, I'm in Ukraine with your sister, she sent me over to see your stuff and I love love love it all. You guys are incredible.
    Question, do you have any backgrounds completely across...I don't know how to word it. Like I don't have any side bar designs, if you look at my blog you can see what I mean. I just have the full page to use...does that make sense?
    I would like to change things up a bit and I'm loving your stuff! Let me know if you get the chance! Thank you!

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  5. these are SO SOOOO cute! i wanted to download them but when i click on the download something comes up saying it could infect my computer with a virus... some strange warning? i would love to download these if you can figure out what is wrong? thanks so much!!


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